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A bunch of rookie mistakes

August 18th, 2014

Over 50s 56km support race
Collie Donnybrook Return Classic
16 August 2014

I entered the over 50s sup­port 56km scratch race at the Col­lie Donnybrook Return Clas­sic, so I could get a look at the tough half of the course without hav­ing to ride the full 106km race at threshold …

Not your normal race day

August 12th, 2014

PDCC C grade
Dog Hill
9 August 2014

I approached this race with a heavy heart, one of the riders I raced with for the last two years, took their own life last Sunday.

For the sprinter in me

July 24th, 2014

PDCC C grade points race
19 July 2014

After racing for two years, I know I am a very ordin­ary sprinter and climber. What I do well is chase down or drive break­aways on the flat and the win­dier the bet­ter. I was going to have to use my abil­it­ies to my full advant­age to per­form well in the points race. Where you get points for your pos­i­tion cross­ing the line each of the six laps around the 8.8km Ser­pent­ine course. At least the course was flat, but the wind was not that strong.

No lesson today

July 24th, 2014

WCMCC C grade scratch race
Herne Hill
13 July 2014

I went into the race with a simple aim, not to spent all my energy chas­ing break­aways. I was going to sit back for the first couple of laps, move up the next two laps, be act­ive the last couple of laps and put in a late attack.

Chasing too hard

July 24th, 2014

PDCC C grade scratch race
12 July 2014

Good weather saw 20 riders line up for C grade. A good num­ber of the reg­u­lars, some new faces and a couple of old faces who had not raced for a while.

I was sit­ting at the back, when first time up Bode­man Road the attacks star­ted. The bunch reacted and everything went quiet for the next couple of lap. Third time up Bode­man Road, one of the old faces with a repu­ta­tion for attack­ing moved up the out­side, I fol­lowed. He slowed, so I took the oppor­tun­ity and put in an attack. I was joined by two other riders over the top. We had a break, but the other two were not will­ing to push it. So by the time we turned onto Lyon Road, the bunch was together, so I launched another attack.

Fun in the rain

July 24th, 2014

WCMCC C grade scratch race Wandi 6 July 2014 After the glor­i­ous sun­shine and warmth of yes­ter­day after­noon. I was woken up by a storm front passing. I knew it was going to be wet and windy today, but I was glad the front passed before racing. Still with strong wind fore­cas­ted I decided to take […]

Wanted climbing legs

July 24th, 2014

PDDC North Dan­du­lap Han­di­cap
5 July 2014

I will hap­pily admit I am a poor climber, my asthma, hau fever, sinus com­bin­a­tion was still giv­ing me trouble, so I was expect­ing the North Dan­du­lap Han­di­cap which con­sists of a 5.5km climb, fol­lowed by 19km of rolling hills to Dwellin­gup, turn­ing round, rid­ing 19km back for a fast 5.5km des­cent to be long solo hard train­ing ride, like it had been the past two of years. It was not helped by the han­di­cap­per decid­ing I had sig­ni­fic­antly improved since the Dwellin­gup han­di­cap last month. The two riders I fin­ished with, star­ted two and five minutes behind me. Today I was start­ing with the five minute rider and the two minute rider was two minutes ahead of me today.

Normal service has returned

June 26th, 2014

WCMCC C grade
Dog Hill
22 June 2014

My last few races have seen me fin­ish­ing off the back of the bunch, for a num­ber of reas­ons, includ­ing suf­fer­ing from a mild cold for the last couple of weeks. My last few rides, have had me stiff and sore includ­ing four laps of the same course the day before this race. After the PDCC was called off due to a storm and a few brave/crazy souls rode a few train­ing laps.

I went into the race with a simple aim, fin­ish with the bunch. The race star­ted in the rain, and for the first lap and a half I rode mid pack. …

Smoke = rubber legs

June 20th, 2014

Club Memorial Han­di­cap
Herne Hill
16 June 2014

I like grade han­di­caps, because it forces me to ride in the bunch (instead of on the front or at the back), tak­ing turns and as a res­ult improv­ing my bunch rid­ing skills and confidence.

So I was happy to be rid­ing with 30 oth­ers. It would be a fast paced race, with only short turns, plenty of time to recover and with Bob a very exper­i­enced rider dir­ect­ing us.

When three attacks in one lap, is one too many

June 20th, 2014

PDCC C grade
14 June 2014

It was the biggest field for PDCC C grade this year, 21 riders. A few new faces and a couple riders from B grade eas­ing them­selves back into racing after ill­ness or injury. I went into the race with a single aim, to put in a decent attack every lap once we past the halfway mark. The lar­ger than usual field or new faces was not going to stop me.

The first couple of laps, I sat at the back …



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