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A bunch of rookie mistakes

August 18th, 2014

Over 50s 56km support race
Collie Donnybrook Return Classic
16 August 2014

I entered the over 50s support 56km scratch race at the Collie Donnybrook Return Classic, so I could get a look at the tough half of the course without having to ride the full 106km race at threshold …

Not your normal race day

August 12th, 2014

PDCC C grade
Dog Hill
9 August 2014

I approached this race with a heavy heart, one of the riders I raced with for the last two years, took their own life last Sunday.

For the sprinter in me

July 24th, 2014

PDCC C grade points race
19 July 2014

After racing for two years, I know I am a very ordinary sprinter and climber. What I do well is chase down or drive breakaways on the flat and the windier the better. I was going to have to use my abilities to my full advantage to perform well in the points race. Where you get points for your position crossing the line each of the six laps around the 8.8km Serpentine course. At least the course was flat, but the wind was not that strong.

No lesson today

July 24th, 2014

WCMCC C grade scratch race
Herne Hill
13 July 2014

I went into the race with a simple aim, not to spent all my energy chasing breakaways. I was going to sit back for the first couple of laps, move up the next two laps, be active the last couple of laps and put in a late attack.

Chasing too hard

July 24th, 2014

PDCC C grade scratch race
12 July 2014

Good weather saw 20 riders line up for C grade. A good number of the regulars, some new faces and a couple of old faces who had not raced for a while.

I was sitting at the back, when first time up Bodeman Road the attacks started. The bunch reacted and everything went quiet for the next couple of lap. Third time up Bodeman Road, one of the old faces with a reputation for attacking moved up the outside, I followed. He slowed, so I took the opportunity and put in an attack. I was joined by two other riders over the top. We had a break, but the other two were not willing to push it. So by the time we turned onto Lyon Road, the bunch was together, so I launched another attack.

Fun in the rain

July 24th, 2014

WCMCC C grade scratch race Wandi 6 July 2014 After the glorious sunshine and warmth of yesterday afternoon. I was woken up by a storm front passing. I knew it was going to be wet and windy today, but I was glad the front passed before racing. Still with strong wind forecasted I decided to […]

Wanted climbing legs

July 24th, 2014

PDDC North Dandulap Handicap
5 July 2014

I will happily admit I am a poor climber, my asthma, hau fever, sinus combination was still giving me trouble, so I was expecting the North Dandulap Handicap which consists of a 5.5km climb, followed by 19km of rolling hills to Dwellingup, turning round, riding 19km back for a fast 5.5km descent to be long solo hard training ride, like it had been the past two of years. It was not helped by the handicapper deciding I had significantly improved since the Dwellingup handicap last month. The two riders I finished with, started two and five minutes behind me. Today I was starting with the five minute rider and the two minute rider was two minutes ahead of me today.

Normal service has returned

June 26th, 2014

WCMCC C grade
Dog Hill
22 June 2014

My last few races have seen me finishing off the back of the bunch, for a number of reasons, including suffering from a mild cold for the last couple of weeks. My last few rides, have had me stiff and sore including four laps of the same course the day before this race. After the PDCC was called off due to a storm and a few brave/crazy souls rode a few training laps.

I went into the race with a simple aim, finish with the bunch. The race started in the rain, and for the first lap and a half I rode mid pack. …

Smoke = rubber legs

June 20th, 2014

Club Memorial Handicap
Herne Hill
16 June 2014

I like grade handicaps, because it forces me to ride in the bunch (instead of on the front or at the back), taking turns and as a result improving my bunch riding skills and confidence.

So I was happy to be riding with 30 others. It would be a fast paced race, with only short turns, plenty of time to recover and with Bob a very experienced rider directing us.

When three attacks in one lap, is one too many

June 20th, 2014

PDCC C grade
14 June 2014

It was the biggest field for PDCC C grade this year, 21 riders. A few new faces and a couple riders from B grade easing themselves back into racing after illness or injury. I went into the race with a single aim, to put in a decent attack every lap once we past the halfway mark. The larger than usual field or new faces was not going to stop me.

The first couple of laps, I sat at the back …



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