3 minute pasta

The tailwind that made the morning commute relatively easy had strengthen, so the ride home was into a nasty headwind and what usually takes an hour forty was just under two hours. And that was only because I managed to tuck in behind two riders who felt sorry for me for the last 5kms along the freeway bike path.

Get in the door, put the kettle on, get out of the sweaty cycling clothes. Fill a saucepan with the boiling water from the kettle, bring it to the boil and throw in the pasta I found in the pantry. Meanwhile dice some spanish onion and combine it with some crushed garlic, dried chilli, olive oil, balsamic vingear, a few olives, some shaved parmensan cheese add the pasta and eat.

I am glad I had that cook in three minute pasta sitting in the pantry it was not the same quaility as my usual pasta, but after an exhausting ride, 3 minutes was long enough wait for food, 12 minutes was out of the question.

Yes I was knackered.


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