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Nick Cowie is a forty something Western Australian male, married with a single furkid and living in downtown Kwinana, the industrial side of Perth, some 40km (25 miles) as the bike rides from the city were I am employed by the Department of Consumer and Employment Protection as a Online Services Support Officer. Which means I do all the html and css coding as well most of the design work for sites like:

There are more, but these are the ones I am happiest with.

I have had 10 years experience in the building and maintaining Government web sites, I have be involved in a number of key projects over this time, including metadata standards and web site standards for State Government Websites. I am an active member of the Department’s Disability Service Group, a committee member of OSIG (Online Services Interest Group) and a founding member of Port80 the Australian Web Industry Association.

When I haven’t got my head glued to a computer screen or stuck in a computer book, I am often out breaking my collarbone on a mountain bike or chewing up the miles on my road bike

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