I need to blog more

Sorry about the infrequent posting, had a couple of bad weeks and then lost the use of my powerbook for a couple more weeks when the connection between the power pack and the computer finally gave up, after I spent the last year soldering the connections back together. The amusing thing is that it took longer for the package to go from the shipping company’s holding centre in Bibra Lake to my office in West Perth (20km), than it took for me to order power pack online, get shipped from Apple’s distribution in Sydney and turn up at my house on the other side of Australia (2000km away and 50km from the nearest airport) , at the only time of the day when nobody was waiting to sign for it.

Usually I write my posts on the bus, but with frequency of my cycling commutes increasing, I am losing blogging time. Not that the ride time is wasted, it is a got time to think clearly and organise my thoughts. Only trouble is by the time I get home after battling the sea breeze all I want is a hot shower, food and sleep and not sitting in front of a computer. So I am going to have to find other time in day to blog and play with this site.

Which is part of the problem, I need to play with the site, I wrote a couple of posts on the bus before the powerbook took a vacation and they both had problems with my stylesheet, nothing dramatic, but it just needs debugging along with an IE layout issue.

All this while pimping the advantages of proportional layouts using ems over fixed font sizes over at Particle Tree and Kevin Hale’s dynamic resolution independent layouts and unfortunately this blog is my best example.

One Response to “I need to blog more”

  1. RE Mogul Says:

    Fantastic use of color — by the way.