I should be knackered

After five weeks off a bike with a broken collarbone, I finally got back on the road bike on Saturday, did the usual 30km ride and ended up a little stiff and sore. Monday morning a quick 18km sprint up the only two hills around my house before work, left my shoulder aching, I found out the hard way I can’t climb out of the saddle in my current condition and a couple of jarring moments due to roadworks did not help

So this morning my bright idea was to commute to work, hey it is only 43.5km each way. Most of it on good quaility cyclepaths with a couple of diversions (caused by roadworks) on busy roads and a nasty climb (for me) at the end. With the aid of a mild tailwind, I managed it under 90 minutes, 4 minutes faster than my previous best and after a shower I am feeling good, I definitely did not expect that way after not riding for five weeks.

Still it is another five weeks or so before I can take my MTB (mountain bike) out again. So I will try and improve my overall level of fitness, if I can survive the ride home.


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