Flock the afternoon

Kay said some nice things about Flock so I thought I better take it for a spin. It was also time to investigate a replacement for the Sage RSS reader in Firefox I have been having some odd problems there lately and my first attempt at a replacement with Orangoo was an interesting experience. And it was also time to tidy up my bookmarks and make use of my del.icio.us account.

I manage to spend a good couple of hours playing with Flock Bloglines  and del.icio.us instead of doing other things.

And how was it, well Flock holds promise, this is being posted via Flockā€™s Blog Editor, but it is alpha software and as such interesting things happen.  Overall promising, but still has some way to go.Added 20:10 the HTML code is a little rough IMHO

No such problems with Bloglines and as a web based RSS feed reader I will start using it heavily. Though installing Gregarious on my site is an option. Probably use Bloglines until I get tired of the interface, and I understand how Gregarious works.

del.icio.us became an interesting interaction with Flock and somehow at the end of the afternoon I have less in my del.icio.us account that I started with.

Overall an interesting way to spend a couple of hours,  a new tool for a few months: Bloglines, a new tool to watch and play with: Flock and a new tool that I will work with in FireFox: del.icio.us.


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