H1 and hierarchy

There have been a couple of minor changes to this blog. You probably will not even noticed them, they are changes under the hood. Again they where the result of I should practise what I preach.

I was discussing hierarchical document structure and the use of heading tags over at Port:80 with Andrew Tetlaw aka atelaw. I am of the opinion that each page should have a single h1 tag which reflects the purpose of the page (ie the title) and document structure should be hierarchical from there. Navigation should not normally be part of the document structure and therefore not be contained in heading tags. The obvious exceptions are navigation pages, such as a homepage or an archive page.

A passing comment was made about blogs, and I defended it with the typical “it is a blogging engine, most people just use whatever came out the box”. This site uses a modified version of the default WordPress template, which has the blog name as the h1 on each page and what I consider h1 quality content given a h2 tag. So ten minutes changing the templates and now, the blog name is no longer in heading tags, the most important information on each page in h1 tag. Am I right and the template designer wrong. in my eyes yes, the most important information on a page is what you got to say not who is saying it and the information is better structured as a result of the changes.

One Response to “H1 and hierarchy”

  1. rosemary Says:

    I really like the way that discussing these types of things leads us to review our own sites and implement any changes as we see fit!