Had Booze Need Hangover

I am an old bloke who is out of practice. How can I be sittng in my hotel room at 5:30 am after the 4th night of 4 hours or so of sleep and the 3rd night of drinking more beer than I had last year and still be alive and well.

WE05 closing party gossip, well I don’t think there was any real good gossip, as long Tantek Celik gets to his surfing lesson today. Otherwise I will be in trouble from Amber after telling her I would look after him. I last saw Tantek in a taxi on his way back to the hotel from Kings Cross, unfortunately he was with Doug Bowman and Doug was the only one the King Cross spruikers was trying to get into their sleazy night clubs. (well from our small group)

I should do a run down of the whole WE05 event, but the closing party timeline was something like:

  1. Consume large amounts of beer and very nice pizza at the Pumphouse
  2. Watch as Eric Meyer, Derek Featherstone and others get talked into continuing the partying in Kings Cross at a bar called the Peppermint Lounge
  3. Wander Kings Cross with Doug, Tantek and Bec looking for the Peppermint Lounge expecting it to be a sleazy dive
  4. Find Peppermint Lounge and it is an upmarket bar/club off the strip, no sleaze, no naked girls, just pumping out music at a volume that made conversation difficult and dancing the better option.
  5. Making sure Tantek and the other international speakers got into a taxi going back to their hotel
  6. Drinking in a bar in Ultimo (opposite the speaker’s hotel) with Miles and Adrain, two other West Australians and Bec from Tassie

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