Need Hay Have Hay

I was dozing off to sleep after a long day at and a little socializing until the fire alarm for the building opposite my hotel goes off. I am now wide awake and time to blog.

The first part of was the Jeffrey Veen workshop Designing the Next Generation of Web Applications. At first I was worried with terms like web application, AJAX, APIs etc. being bandied about that this workshop was going to be technical, and from talking to my to other attendees they had the same concerns.

It was not at all technical, it was about the process of designing web applications, and it was good. Two example were examined in detail, the redesign of and (Jeffrey’s new project). It is about the how and why not the technology invloved.

In simple terms, did I learn anything new, probably not, there was nothing I did know already, but I never organized it that way. Will it change the way I work, definitely yes, it made me think about practices and processes and there will be changes in how I work. Will my employer who generously paid for the workshop get a ROI, definitely and within the next six months, couple of big projects coming up.

Would I recommend the workshop to other people? If you are involved in the planning, development or implementation of any web based project, yes.

And Need Hay Have Hay tag, it will be the catch cry of WE05 and it came from a classic example of interface design from the USDA Hay Net, which unfortunately has had a couple of links added, hence the link to via

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