OSIG is back

A few weeks back I wrote OSIG and OpenSource.wa.gov.au, since that meeting there has been some progress with OSIG. A few weeks back a committee of seven was formed to keep OSIG running. This is so that OSIG will not disappear if one or two people, change jobs or countries and to spread the workload. There are a number of activities planned.

The most immediate is the forum at the moment it is rough around the edges. The aim of the forum is to foster discussion on subjects related to online service delivery by the public sector in Western Australia. You do not need to be employed in the public sector, or even be West Australian or Australian for that matter, to participate, just have an interest in online service delivery.

Starting next year, there will be a monthly meeting with speakers discussing topics of interest, expect at least one on content management systems in January or February next year.

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