Web Essentials 2005

Enough of surfing the web and experimenting with ems I have to pack to fly out tommorrow morning for Web Essentials 2005 starting with Designing the Next Generation of Web Apps with Jeffrey Veen on Wednesday.

If you are there and see a guy with his right arm in a sling and a couple of facial piercings come over and say hi, that is me. The other guy with his right arm in a sling and no facial piercings, is a fellow West Australian and Port80 member Adrian who broke his scapula falling of his motorised scooter on a wet night on the way to the pub, Port80 meeting. Three days after I failed to land a 1m or so drop to flat on the Mt Gungin to Dell downhill on my mountain bike and promptly broke my clavicle. At least I am left handed.

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