Why do I blog?

Well it is all Tommy Olsson‘s fault.

I read a dozen or more blogs on web standards, CSS, XHTML etc on a> daily basis, and while I learnt a lot from these blogs. All the writers with a couple of exceptions are either freelancers or work in small companies. Tommy works as a technical webmaster at the Swedish Companies Registration Office and it was good (in a strange way) to see other people struggling with the same problems working for the Government.

Tommy has decided to stop blogging, and while I can not attempt to replace him, I am sticking my hand up to blog about web standards, accessibility and the Government

Please note: all opinions on this site are those of Nick Cowie and do not reflect the views of his employer the Department of Consumer and Employment Protection

One Response to “Why”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Good to see you blogging, Nick. There isn’t enough public discussion about how the models for web standards etc apply to government situations.