WordPress 2.0 RC3 Type and Macs

WordPress 2.0 has some good features, the quality of the HTML it pumps has improved and the rich text editor with it’s pop up tinyMCE html source editor is just the thing a hand coder like me adores.

How it handles unicode will take some getting use to. For an em dash you type in — into the source code of any HTML editor and it renders as — and so it does with WordPress 2.0 . However, next time you look at the source code what you entered as — is now — and what will concern me more is that — which I am typing to shown in a browser as — is saved as — the first time and on the second save it becomes — . Even if it is wrapped in a pre or code element

It is also rather Mac unfriendly, after finding the panels on the create/edit a post page were not working due to a javascript error in FireFox 1.0.7 I upgraded to 1.5 only to have the Firefox crash everytime I tried to save a post in the HTML source editor. At least I got the rich text editor with Firefox in Safari 1.3 you only get the old editor.

Will I change to WordPress 2.0 next week, I am not sure. There are big improvements in some areas, I can survive using the old editor on the Mac, what happens with Unicode has me worried. Time to hack functions-formatting.php in the wp-includes folder.

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