WordPress on OsX

I n order to learn more about WordPress and to try and limit my experimentations on the live server, I decided to run a duplicate copy of this blog on my PowerBook.

Marc Liyanage’s PHP Apache Module handled the PHP and MySQL install, Webmin looks after the Apache administration and creating a new MySQL user, PHPMyAdmin Why for the remaining MySQL adminstration tasks, including duplicating the database. Everything was going fine, except for Permalinks, which is frustrating because none of my links worked.

The Os X GUI does not let you play with files beginning with a period (.), not a problem creating a .htaccess file, just using another name and them rename it using terminal to .htaccess . According to Webmin mod_rewrite was installed and running but it was getting frustrating, then I found this gem Getting mod_rewrite to work on Mac OS X from Petrik de Heus. If you follow the instructions and modify your /etc/httpd/users/YOURUSERNAME.conf file so it looks like:

<directory "/Library/WebServer/Documents/">
Options All
AllowOverride All
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

Or if you have changed your Apache server directory in the httpd.conf file replace “/Library/WebServer/Documents/” with directory you use. Restart your Apache server with Webmin and permalinks work, well they did for me.

3 Responses to “WordPress on OsX”

  1. Francesco Says:

    Please make your NickCowie.com graphic a link to your home page. I could find no easy way to return to your home page from any other page on your site. otherwise, great site!


  2. nick Says:

    Franceso that was on of the many thing on my to do list, I keep putting it off because I could not get a link in the top left corner as well. I was following trying to follow this example from WestCiv.

    SIFR and empty span tags inside anchor tags don’t mix, went for the more primitive approach, so it is now works and is on my done list, thanks for reminding me.

  3. John Says:

    You could also use BBEdit to open up hidden files from within mac osx, especially .htaccess and .conf files, it works wonderfully.