Accessible forms and more

It is on the WSG site (and Kay’s web standards persona’s blog) so it must be true, I am giving a presentation on accessible forms and talking about accessibility law in Australia.

The aim for each Perth WSG meetings is two presentations, both Web Standards based, one technical and one business orientated. While I am very happy to share my knowledge on the technical and coding side, I never considered myself presenting a business orientated talk.

Before I started building web sites for a living, I was a policy officer with the then Ministry of Fair Trading and I spent a lot of time working with legislation. So when discussions on the WSG mailing list a few months about accessibility law in Australia left me with more questions than answers and not being scared of legislation and legal jargon, I dove into the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission and other government web sites as well making use of the law journals available through work to answer my questions and improve my understanding of accessibility law and how it applies to web sites in Australia.

There appears to be a lack on knowledge about accessibility law and a fear of legislation amongst my peers, so when asked to do a presentation on accessible forms, the business orientated presentation was discussed and I volunteered to give a talk on what I know about accessibility law in Australia. It will be fairly short, lasting 15 minutes, it will not be technical in nature and Web Standards will only get a brief mention. The aim is to give people an understanding of legislation and what it means to web developers.

Then it will be the technical talk about accessible forms, taking what I learnt from Derek Featherstone and Roger Hudson at Web Essentials 05 adding the practical experience of creating the forms for the Safetyline Institute to talk about the fieldset, legend, label and input elements as well as how to make them look stylish while maintaining the highest levels of accessibility.

I will provide both presentations here, the WSG should podcast them and even better the transcripts should turn up on Kay’s blog.

Full details are available on the Web Standards Group web site. If you are planning on attending please email your intention to so they know how many people to arrange nibblies for.

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