And her name is Willow

Willow our blue merle border collie

Cause of a little sleep deprivation and a lack of blogging for the past fortnight. She is a very good puppy, active, inquisitive and a quick learner.

4 Responses to “And her name is Willow”

  1. Ben Buchanan Says:

    very cute :)

  2. Mark from Dubai Says:

    She has very nice colouring! And eyes – her eyes are very kind!

  3. » Not my blue eyed girl anymoreNick’s PhotoBlog Says:

    Her left is mostly brown and her right is grey, quite unlikeat 8 weeks [my photoblog posting of Willow at 8 months]

  4. Ashley Says:

    She looks like she’s already attached heh, I love her eyes I can still see some blue, and it looks like you can see anything in those eyes. ^.^ I hope you will keep posting pictures to show her off.