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I may link for beer (as a favour to a friend), but will I link for the chance to win an ipod? Simon Collison is offering an ipod Nano to one person who links to Beginning CSS Web Development using an image from his site.

I enjoyed reading Simon’s chapter in CSS Mastery and if I was asked to recommend an introductory book to CSS I would have no problem’s recommending Beginning CSS Web Development as well as Russ Weakley’s Teach yourself CSS in 10 minutes. Both Simon and Russ are extremely knowledgeable about CSS, and most importantly they are both good communicators, I have not read either book fully, but I have read chapters of books they have written as well as other material, including regularly the RSS feeds of their blogs.

So while I am willing to promote these books as a good introduction to CSS by authors that are both knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. I am not willing to add am image of one of the books to my blog for two reasons. One, because the truly elastic nature of this blog requires elastic images. Which means a lot more work from me, to get suitable images of both books. Secondly it is matter of morals I had started writing this post, when Miles posted Blogging Ethics and that is what this post is all about, you either blog about products, services or people you believe in or you blog for the monetary gain and you should tell people that you getting a financial reward. Contextual ads clearly marked as advertisements are one thing, but unmarked paid product placements are an evil that unfortunately will creep into blogging like it did in television, unless people take a stand.

There is no monetary reward in this for me, if Russ or Simon (might be through a proxy) buy me a beer at Web Directions 06 for promoting their books, so be it, I am just promoting books by authors who know their CSS, care about web standards and write well.

Also if you are going to buy either book online, do it through the author’s website, the money they make that way is many times higher than a normal sale.

Recommended introductory books on CSS

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