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The undersigned are carrying out a blogging survey, I will be interested in the results, so I thought I better contribute. Hat tip Max Power

When did you start blogging?
2005, though from 1995 to 1999 I was part of a team that produced a local music website, that now would be classed as a blog.
Average, how often do you blog?
2-3 times a week, truthfully about 1.5 times per week
How do you host your blog?
I host it myself
What blogging application/service do you use?
Do you use an application to blog directly from your desktop, rather than from your blogs administration?
Do you use a free theme for your blog?
No, I have made one myself. Does anybody else, other than me and Kay have such a fixation on orange.
What type of blogging do you do?
Topic-based, in theory CSS, HTML, Standards and Accesibility but I do wander.
What is your primary blogging motivation?
Other (please describe), a place for me share information/ideas, to experiment and some shameless self promotion ;-)
Do you care much about the amount of visitors?
Yes, I do have an ego
Does the total account of visitors on your blog count more to you, than the amount of visitors who comment on your blog posts?
No, feedback good or bad is better than raw numbers
Do you use some sort of anti spam solution for your blog comments? (Such as Akismet)
Yes, Akisimet
If you run advertisements on your blog, do you sell the ads yourself?
No, no ads
If you earn money on advertising on your blog, how much do you approximately earn per month?
$0-$20, aka one beer this year
If you are running a business blog – have it helped your business to start blogging?
No, this is not a business blog
Are you a member of a blogging network such as random shapes or 9rules?
Yes, West Coast Bloggers
If you are member of a blogging network – has it helped you noticeable in any way?
Yes I get the odd visitor through the network. It is very small and has not been promoted yet, other than one tshirt.
How many daily unique visitors do your blog have?
0-100, 60 to 70 most weekdays
Do you keep statistics of feed subscribers?
No, I did not like the terms and conditions of Feedburner and have not found an alternative.
Do you put work into search engine optimisation for your blog?
Yes, improved semantics, write decent headlines and tagging.
Have you ever bought advertisement on other websites for your blog?

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