CSS reboot havok

If you haven’t noticed this site has had a CSS reboot and a little tweaking of the WordPress templates. It is a partially a proof of concept (or failure of concept if you use a Mac) and very much a work in progress. Let me know if find any problems.

The only one I have found is if you try and use a flash file as a background (yes the header, header text and footer are all tiny .swf file, the text coming in at a whopping 3787 bytes, becauser of the multiple characters and stroke the shapes are less than 200 bytes), over laying other flash files (in the case of the header) or text (in the case of the footer) is flakey with either FF or Safari on the Mac. Don’t know on *nix, but seeing only version 7 of the flash plugin, you will not see the header text, because that requires version 8 flash player .

It is truly elastic, as long as your browser window is greater than 600 pixels, so stretch and what the page expand and contract. So have fun play and if you like it, look at the code underneath.

You should see some refinements in the next couple of weeks or until I get frustrated and create a more conservative template.

Go visit CSS Reboot and you can vote for me and any of the other 1500 rebooters.


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