Finding new RSS feeds

Want to expand your RSS feed list, but don’t want to trawl the internet hoping to find relevant feeds, one option is to upload an OPML of your current feeds to and see what other people with similar RSS reading habits are reading.

I did and found that I,Paul Boag and Stuart Colville read a number of the same feeds. I also found via their feed lists (Paul’s and Stuart’s) a few (ok a dozen) new and interesting feeds.

The process is simple, export an OPML file of your RSS feeds. As OPML is the standard import/export format for RSS almost all RSS readers software or web based will export to OPML. From Bloglines is a three mouse click excercise (the edit tab, export subscriptions, save file as). You then remove any feeds that you do not make want to make public (in my case the comment and measuremap feeds for this blog), register with and upload your OPML file, then choose Subscriptions Like Mine and start exploring and you will find some interesting feeds, recommended by people of similar taste to yourself.

And while checking the URLs for this post found that my recently updated feeds matched the feeds of Marc McHale, even if he is a Pompey supporter. Time for more research.

My feeds on Share Your OPML

2 Responses to “Finding new RSS feeds”

  1. Marc McHale Says:


    How strange is that! The fact that we have a pretty similar blog list, that we both ride bikes (I race 4x, downhill and BMX) and both work for government organisations! But we live on the other side of the earth.

    Sometimes this world really does amaze me.

    Hope you are well


  2. nick Says:


    I do not race, too slow and I break easily. Two broken collarbones in the last two years riding.

    Another similarity is that I was born and lived a few years just down the road from you in Poole. Hence the comments about Pompey, always had a soft spot for the Saints.

    And thanks for making your subscription list public, I found a few new blogs to read, making our blogs list even more alike.