Flash buttons

What surprised me from last night presentation, was people’s positive reaction to using flash in buttons. You will have to excuse the trashy animation, coding and css it was put toether fairly quickly late at night. I should be making use of alternative content for non-flash enabled browsers, but this is just proof on concept.

5 Responses to “Flash buttons”

  1. Miles Burke Says:

    I still reckon flash for such an important element of a page makes me feel dirty. Kay will no doubt roll out 5 websites next week using it, but not me.

  2. nick Says:

    Miles, I would use something like Geoff Stearns’ Flash Object javascript to replace a static background image with the flash animation. I would also make sure the button made sense for a user, without flash and with images turned off. (ie no white text on a white background, that does occur here).

  3. Kay Smoljak Says:

    I’m a bit late here, sorry, still catching up on all my feeds. Flash with proper accessible alternate content should work for every single person in the known universe. I’m just excited by the possibilities. And a vector-based flash movie will be much smaller in file size than an enquivalent JPG which is large enough to look good when resized.

    And hell, it’s just cool.

  4. Sone Says:

    1st of all, how much does it suck that when i roll over your (horrible, non-button looking) flash animation, the cursor does not change to the lil hand that 98.9% of users recognize as a link.
    Nick ― except it is a button for submitting forms not a link
    Why Flash only for buttons? I’m so tired of usability evangelists talking bad about Flash. Full Flash animated websites have a great reason for existing on the web.
    Nick ― Except for full flash sites you can’t see the content if you work for a certain government department or use a phone or Linux 64 bit machine to access the web. Not everybody accesses the web the same way as you
    Nick ― plus there are very few people capable of creating accessible Flash content
    they do everything that html css and even AJAX cannot do…
    besides not all AJAX is up to standards.

    and why is it that alot of these usability guys have such ugly websites >cough

    why do usability guy’s websites never validate???

    yours has 8 errors..
    Nick ― actually it is only five errors on this page and that is a small bug in WordPress comments script and me a usability guy?

  5. RE Mogul Says:

    Scripting capability beyond the button element!

    But can flash create buttons that can be read by robots?

    Embracing the Screen-Reader would be: Applaudable & Just!