Headphones and Headphonic

Sennheiser CX300 and Koss KSC75 headphones on my Powerbook

I got myself a new mp3 player, so it was time I replace my old headphones with a better pair. Headphones make a big difference, even to someone who suffers from mild hearing problems, like me. I do not trust the cheap pair included in the box with any music player.

A quick search of the web turned up a few recommendations, then it was a quick google of “headphones perth” to see what was available locally. I found Headphonic, a local company selling headphones by both mail order and over the counter. (Warning JS they are just over a five minute walk from your office and their range will have you drooling). In addition to e-commerce side of the site, there is a forum for advice on headphones. After reading a few posts, I had refined my list to two models of headphones. A quick trip to Leederville later and I am the proud owners of a pair of Sennheiser CX300 and Koss KSC-75 headphones.

Why two pairs of good headphones instead of one great pair. Well somebody whose hearing has been damaged by 15 years of live music is not capable of appreciating the difference between good and great headphones (unlike the difference between average and good pair), should stick to good headphones. Especially when they destroys headphones, the life expectancy of headphones in my hands and ears is little over a year.

More importantly, the two headphones are quite different in style and will be used in different situations. The CX300 are canal earphones, which are good for isolating you from background noise, particularly on bus and plane rides. Unfortunately, I don’t like wearing canal headphones for long periods, which will make the upcoming flights to and from Sydney a little uncomfortable, but for the 45 minute trip to and from work more than acceptable. The KSC-75 headphones are open, over the ear headphones, because there is no connecting headband, the headphones work well under a helmet ( a big plus for me) and because they are open they can be worn at work and you can still hear the phone ring and colleagues asking questions, as long as the volume is not too loud.

A proper review will have to wait, but so far so good, I can not fault the sound quality. The KSC-75 are very comfortable and I spending a lot of time listening to music while working, while the CX300 have done their job and isolated me from the sounds of noisy bus ride as I write this.

2 Responses to “Headphones and Headphonic”

  1. Kay Smoljak Says:

    Nice one! I flew to Sydney on the weekend and really, really appreciated my Sennheiser noise cancelling headset – will never get on an aeroplane without them again :)

  2. Nick Cowie » Review Nokia BH501 bluetooth stereo headphones Says:

    […] As I have previous mentioned I am pretty hard on headphones and my current pair of Koss KSC-75 headphones only lasted 10 months. As my last three pairs of headphones all had problems with their wiring and my Dopod 838Pro needs a special adapter for a standard headphone jack which does cause me problems. So I decided to try a pair of bluetooth stereo headphones. After a quick look around the reviews on the net, I settled on a pair of Nokia BH501s that were on special in a local phone store. […]