How I work

Strangely would be the answer from my colleagues.

Myles challenged all of the Westcoastbloggers to answer the same questions on their blogs, so far Kay has risen to the occassion, here are my answers:

What desktop software do you use every day?

I have complete lack of OS loyalty, I use a number of different systems on any given day I am likely to use XP, W2K, Mac Os X 10.3.9 and/or Ubuntu 5.10, so depending on the computer and the OS, the desktop software varies from day to day, about the only common piece of software is Firefox 1.5 with a bunch of extensions, the most important being web developer, followed by the HTML validator.

Other browsers:

XP IE7beta2, W2K IE6, Mac Safari, Ubuntu Konqueror


XP DB Poweramp, Mac iTunes, Ubuntu XMMS, W2K is my work machine so I don’t tend to play music there.

text/html/css editor:

XP notetab light for most and I about to give the Expression beta a spin , W2K Dreamweaver for HTML, notetab light for text and css, Mac Text Wrangler for all though I am about to give TextMate and StyleMaster a go. Ubuntu Bluefish.

word processing:

Only regularly done at work on W2K PC and it is MS Office, on all the others it is Open Office.

What web sites do you use every day?

Given that I can use upto 5 different computers/OS in one day:
Gmail for all my email requirements
Bloglines for 98 RSS feeds for bookmarking and a couple of blogging tricks
Google I am always looking for something

But I get most through RSS now, even my Port80 updates, though I still visit the site regularly.

What PDA/personal organizer/system do you use to keep organized?

I have a good memory ;-), closest thing I have to a PDA is my trusty Powerbook, which gets lugged almost everywhere with me. I tend to write notes in text files and save them on a shared section of the drive, so I can quickly move them from system to system.


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