I am doing a presentation

I was crazy enough to sug­gest to Kay Smol­jak one of the organ­isers of the Perth Web Stand­ards Group that if she ever needed an extra presenter for meet­ing I could do a present­a­tion on access­ible forms, see­ing that is most of what I have been doing for the past month, and I could get inspir­a­tion from Derek Feath­er­stone and Roger Hud­son present­a­tions at Web Essen­tials 05.

Well a Perth WSG meet­ing is being organ­ised for March. The tim­ing has to do with Kay’s view that the WSG should get them while they are young and is aim­ing at get­ting as many stu­dents as pos­sible along. From what Kay has said, there will be two speak­ers, each doing a half hour present­a­tion, one on a tech­nical nature, the other more busi­ness ori­ent­ated approach. Kay has asked me to do the tech­nical present­a­tion on the but­ton ele­ment and I agreed.

Am I nervous, yes and it at least six weeks away. It has been a while since I have done a present­a­tion to even a small group. And even if we get half the people that turned up to the last Perth WSG meet­ing, that is more people that I have presen­ten­ted to in total. Plus the last Perth WSG presenter was Russ Weakley who is a hard act to follow.

The advant­age of doing a present­a­tion on the but­ton ele­ment, which are the most pop­u­lar posts on this blogs, is I have already done most of the research for those posts: Styl­ish Access­ible But­tons, More about the but­ton ele­ment and a half writ­ten post about how to pos­i­tion but­tons. So there is very little work to do, except try and find out how IE7 beta deals with the but­ton ele­ment and exactly what extra pad­ding IE5 and IE6 adds to the but­ton ele­ment, it is not as I pre­vi­ously stated a fixed amount but appears to be pro­por­tional to the width of the but­ton ele­ment. Still all of this can be pack­aged into a 30 minute present­a­tion, as long I only briefly touch on con­di­tional com­ments for serving an addi­tional stylesheet to IE and how to use abso­lutely pos­i­tion an ele­ment inside a rel­at­ively posi­tioned element.

Almost any sug­ges­tions would be appre­ci­ated, though Miles I have no inten­tion of using your fam­ous open­ing line, though it is tempt­ing to start with “I am Miles Burke and I am a stand­ards nazi”.

Updated March 7

Look­ing for advice on doing a present­a­tion (you are not the first), try Dave Shea’s Speak­ing Tips, I found it very helpful.

The date is set: March 30

Updated March 25

Jeff Veen’s Seven Steps to Bet­ter Present­a­tions, Jeff is an amaz­ing presenter and these tips will help me.

2 Responses to “I am doing a presentation”

  1. Kay Smoljak Says:

    Nick, you’ll be great, don’t worry :)

  2. Miles Says:

    Hahaha, me? fam­ous open­ing line? Never. :)