I am doing a presentation

I was crazy enough to suggest to Kay Smoljak one of the organisers of the Perth Web Standards Group that if she ever needed an extra presenter for meeting I could do a presentation on accessible forms, seeing that is most of what I have been doing for the past month, and I could get inspiration from Derek Featherstone and Roger Hudson presentations at Web Essentials 05.

Well a Perth WSG meeting is being organised for March. The timing has to do with Kay’s view that the WSG should get them while they are young and is aiming at getting as many students as possible along. From what Kay has said, there will be two speakers, each doing a half hour presentation, one on a technical nature, the other more business orientated approach. Kay has asked me to do the technical presentation on the button element and I agreed.

Am I nervous, yes and it at least six weeks away. It has been a while since I have done a presentation to even a small group. And even if we get half the people that turned up to the last Perth WSG meeting, that is more people that I have presentented to in total. Plus the last Perth WSG presenter was Russ Weakley who is a hard act to follow.

The advantage of doing a presentation on the button element, which are the most popular posts on this blogs, is I have already done most of the research for those posts: Stylish Accessible Buttons, More about the button element and a half written post about how to position buttons. So there is very little work to do, except try and find out how IE7 beta deals with the button element and exactly what extra padding IE5 and IE6 adds to the button element, it is not as I previously stated a fixed amount but appears to be proportional to the width of the button element. Still all of this can be packaged into a 30 minute presentation, as long I only briefly touch on conditional comments for serving an additional stylesheet to IE and how to use absolutely position an element inside a relatively positioned element.

Almost any suggestions would be appreciated, though Miles I have no intention of using your famous opening line, though it is tempting to start with “I am Miles Burke and I am a standards nazi”.

Updated March 7

Looking for advice on doing a presentation (you are not the first), try Dave Shea’s Speaking Tips, I found it very helpful.

The date is set: March 30

Updated March 25

Jeff Veen’s Seven Steps to Better Presentations, Jeff is an amazing presenter and these tips will help me.

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2 Responses to “I am doing a presentation”

  1. Kay Smoljak Says:

    Nick, you’ll be great, don’t worry :)

  2. Miles Says:

    Hahaha, me? famous opening line? Never. :)