I survived WD06 and OZIA and enjoyed every minute

Two days of WD06 workshops, two days of WD06 proper, two days of OZIA conference and seven nights of drinking social networking. What can I say that has not be blogged about by others, so here are the personal highlights in rough chronological order.

  1. Jeremy Keith’s DOM scripting workshop, which filled in the gaps I had from reading his book and I have gone from somebody who could do DOM scripting and unobtrusive javascript, to somebody who is confident in using DOM scripting and unobtrusive javascript.
  2. Getting the solution to my problem with flash and Mac OsX from James Edwards while standing outside a pub at 2230 while having a cigarette (or three).
  3. During a WD06 session viewing a photo on flickr of Andy watching via my blog the video I uploaded to youtube of him giving the britpack undies to Andrew K. then reading Ben’s blog post about it.With the video, photo, blogging and viewing all taking place in the University Hall on the same day. Web 2.0 MFG.
  4. Kelly Goto’s iterative apps presentation. It was one of those light bulb moments for me. I have a major project coming up and the methodology Kelly highlighted just made so much sense.
  5. Getting a hug from Malarkey, sorry Molly getting a hug from you was one of the highlights of WE05, but this time it was the hug from your beau.
  6. Thomas Van der Wal presentation on tagging at OZIA, it really opened my eyes to the possibilities and advantages of tagging.
  7. My head not exploding after two days of solid Information Architecture like Donna said would happen, even though Mark Bernstein made a damn good attempt with his keynote at 0830 on the first day.
  8. The best bit was the people, they where just so damn good to be around. I will not mention names, because while I like name dropping, the list would be so long and I don’t want to risk missing anybody out, thank you, you should know who you are.

Regrets I had a few

  1. Smoking like a chimney for the whole time, after not smoking for years.
  2. Drinking far too much, too often. Damn you Kevin Yank, I suppose I will have to buy a few more Sitepoint books so you can provide drink cards next year.
  3. Not saying thank you to Thomas for his presentation on tagging at OZIA. I thought Thomas would be around for the second day of OZIA, but alas this was not the case.

So with WD06 and the inaugural OZIA over where next, well I am heading home tired but enthused which is what I wanted. Will I be back next year, most definitely for both as long as Eric keeps OZIA close to WD07. Even if it is totally self funded like this year. But in the meantime I am seriously considering going to SXSW, for the same reason I went to WD06 to get enthused and met more people.


8 Responses to “I survived WD06 and OZIA and enjoyed every minute”

  1. Andrew Krespanis Says:

    Was great to hang out with you Nick, even if your damned alarm on Thursday morning did wake up the majority of the second floor at The Vulcan ;)

  2. Tuna Says:

    This just proves how tired I was by Thursday, I totally slept through this fire alarm. Missed it, didn’t even stir. Now if the second floor had burnt down I would have been in trouble.

    Isn’t an alarm going off a WD tradition.

  3. nick Says:

    It was just my alarm clock, I set it to get me to WD06 on time, except I woke up early, got ready and left in search of breakfast. Then my alarm went off while I was enjoying french toast. Andrew K. heard it because his room was across the hall, don&#8217t think I would of annoyed anybody else, most rooms nearby where closed because of the renovations.

  4. Ruth Ellison Says:

    It was great to meet you Nick! Perhaps I’ll catch up with you one day in Perth, or at the next Web Directions.

    By the way, here’s the flickr photo of you that I took at OzIA. Love the t-shirt.

  5. Donna Maurer Says:

    Glad your head didn’t explode. We’ll have to step it up a notch next year, but I’m sure you’ll still perfectly get it ;)

  6. vanderwal Says:

    Nick, I was really bummed not to make it back to OZ IA. I was side tracked by some client e-mail in the morning and headed to out to lunch, which turned out to be at Watson Bay and did not make it back. I was planning on being back by 3 or 4 for the wrap-up.

    I really enjoyed everybody I met and realize that the world just shrunk drastically for me on this trip and I am really glad the web and internet enables us to be only a click away from connecting at any point.

  7. Lisa Miller Says:

    Nick, it was fantastic to see you in Sydney again! I can guarantee if you decide to go to SXSW you will not regret it.

  8. Ben Buchanan Says:

    Hey Nick, it was awesome to see you again. Here’s hoping everyone can do it all over again next year! :)