Joe Clark finds me patronising

Joe Clark finds me patronising

Joe Clark is using micropatronage to support the funding of a research project. Micropatronage is getting lots of small donations from many people. If you participate you will not be funding the Open and Closed Project, but supporting Joe as he tries to raise the money some $7 million dollars canadian for the life of the project (or at least CA$400,000 for the first year).

I participated, not because I am friends with Joe. From what I know about Joe, if we physically meet, violence (of a verbal nature) is the most likely outcome. But because I believe in what the Open and Closed Project is trying to do, write standards for captioning, audio description, subtitling, and dubbing. And know that Joe is passionate about the cause and is the best person for the task.

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  1. RE Mogul Says:

    Silly that his site does not link back to yours.


    How was the CSS font-list generated?

    “Hoefler Text”,”Palatino Linotype”, “Lucida Fax”,”Bitstream Vera Serif”, Rockwell, Serifa, Baskerville, “Warnock Pro”, “Chaparral Pro”, Georgia, “Trebuchet MS”

    Very well done, indeed.