Laptop problems

The Mac friendly nature of this site is likely to change. My old G4 PowerBook wants to be retired, the hinge which broke off 18 months ago and has been glued back every few months since, has stopped functioning. The hinge is now so stiff that the glue will not hold it in place when you try to open the laptop. The PowerBook is used almost everyday on the bus to and from work and the remaining hinge will not keep the screen in place on that bumpy ride.

Overall it is still a good laptop for my needs, G4/550 with 512Mb RAM and 40Mb hard drive running Apache, My SQL and PHP does everything I want. So i will try to fix it, if not I will start looking for a replacement, I really would like to wait until the intel powered iBooks become available, because all I really need is a 12″ Ibook. Light, ultra portable and with more grunt than I need.

So to last me through until the the Intel powered iBooks become available, I have borrowed an old Compaq laptop from work. And even though it is half the age of my PowerBook it feels like a brick. Still it is only for the short term and to make things simpler for me on the backend (Apache, My SQL and PHP) I replaced windows with Ubuntu. Which as John Oxton mentioned is very brown. It was the easiest Linux installation I had ever done. What surprised me was that it did not come with My SQL or PHP and Apache is not in the default install package, unlike OsX. It was then I realised Ubuntu is aimed right at the desktop market. Simple, straight forward installation with no decisions making for your average (first time) user. So I have to make a decision, get the packages I need for Ubuntu or get another Linux distribution. That will depend what is available at the local newsagent.

I will not be without a Mac, I will still use the battered PowerBook along with an ancient blue and white G3/350 rev2 at home and an even older G3/300 rev1 at work. I will use them for testing when I can, but if I do most my work on a mix of PC’s and Linux, I am bound to missed the odd mac friendly thing, so let me know.

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  1. Meg Says:

    Use Synaptic in Ubuntu to install AMP – much the easiest software installation method of any of the linuxi that I’ve used. I’m still using my 12″ G4 laptop, but have changed my desktop machine to an Ubuntu linux box – really nice (once you get rid of the brown…)