Measure Map acquired by Google

If you use Meas­ure Map or read Jef­frey Veen’s blog you will of found out that Google has acquired Meas­ure Map.

I hav­ing been using Meas­ure Map for a few months now and really like the User Inter­face. So much so that given the choice between, Meas­ure Map, Google Ana­lyt­ics and AW Stats to get stast­ics for this blog, I use Meas­ure Map every day and maybe once a month use Google Ana­lyt­ics or AW Stats. Not because Meas­ure Map does more, it actu­ally does less, hence the visit to Google Ana­lyt­ics to find out which cit­ies rather con­tin­ents my vis­it­ors are from or AW Stats to find any 404 errors, which search engines index the blog and who are the heavy vis­it­ors ( which I pre­sume is Bloglines (that IP and Bloglines are part of Ask Jeeves Inc) is respons­ible for some 17% of all bandwidth.

Sure Meas­ure Map needs fur­ther devel­op­ment, the stats can be inac­cur­ate, once I had –2 vis­it­ors visit 39 out 39 posts on my blog one day, even though three post had never been vis­ited since Meas­ure Map was installed accord­ing to another win­dow. That bug was fixed, but some­times it misses the odd com­ment or does some strange maths like 3 times a week is once every four days, etc. But Meas­ure Map shows a lot of prom­ise and just needed a little polish.

So is it good or bad that Google has acquired Meas­ure Map. Well in my opin­ion it all depends on why Google acc­quired Meas­ure Map? Was it because Google saw a good product that it could make great with Google ™ know how, then that is good in my opin­ion. It is bad in my opin­ion if Google acquired Meas­ure Map so it did not have to cre­ate a com­pet­itor for Meas­ure Map, even if its’ inten­tion is to use Meas­ure Map as a niche product that could coex­isit with Google Ana­lyt­ics or use the Meas­ure Map inter­face for Google Ana­lyt­ics. These are the actions of Microsoft in the late eighties, early nineites. Find a niche with a half decent product and buy the product and dom­in­ate that niche.

Sure it is great for the developer of these products, find an empty or almost empty niche, build a product, get some people using it and wait for Google or Yahoo to buy you out (at least there are two, unlike 15 years ago). Does this cre­ate the best products for users, prob­ably not there is usu­ally one one product in that niche, and once it is bought by a big gun, who wants to go into com­pet­i­tion with Google, Yahoo or MSN, even if they have a bet­ter product?

Updated: 19:30 15 Feb­ru­ary 2006:

Missed one line in the offical google blog post

It has worked for me; I’m still post­ing about cyc­ling. I won­der if wear­ing this is too much for my first day at Google?

Which I take is that Google has also acquired Jef­frey Veen.

I see that as good news for Google, because Jeff’s under­stand­ing of User Inter­face is out­stand­ing, he was heav­ily involved in both the Blog­ger and Meas­ure Map UI. I can only hope Jeff will be involved in more UI pro­jects at Google.

Updated 11:00 16 Feb­ru­ary 2006

Jef­frey Veen joins Google is con­firmed by Adapt­ive Path

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  1. Miles Burke Says:

    Only time will tell the impact on the Goo­hoo duo buy­ing everything. What hap­pens when their money runs out?