Measure Map acquired by Google

If you use Measure Map or read Jeffrey Veen’s blog you will of found out that Google has acquired Measure Map.

I having been using Measure Map for a few months now and really like the User Interface. So much so that given the choice between, Measure Map, Google Analytics and AW Stats to get stastics for this blog, I use Measure Map every day and maybe once a month use Google Analytics or AW Stats. Not because Measure Map does more, it actually does less, hence the visit to Google Analytics to find out which cities rather continents my visitors are from or AW Stats to find any 404 errors, which search engines index the blog and who are the heavy visitors ( which I presume is Bloglines (that IP and Bloglines are part of Ask Jeeves Inc) is responsible for some 17% of all bandwidth.

Sure Measure Map needs further development, the stats can be inaccurate, once I had -2 visitors visit 39 out 39 posts on my blog one day, even though three post had never been visited since Measure Map was installed according to another window. That bug was fixed, but sometimes it misses the odd comment or does some strange maths like 3 times a week is once every four days, etc. But Measure Map shows a lot of promise and just needed a little polish.

So is it good or bad that Google has acquired Measure Map. Well in my opinion it all depends on why Google accquired Measure Map? Was it because Google saw a good product that it could make great with Google ™ know how, then that is good in my opinion. It is bad in my opinion if Google acquired Measure Map so it did not have to create a competitor for Measure Map, even if its’ intention is to use Measure Map as a niche product that could coexisit with Google Analytics or use the Measure Map interface for Google Analytics. These are the actions of Microsoft in the late eighties, early nineites. Find a niche with a half decent product and buy the product and dominate that niche.

Sure it is great for the developer of these products, find an empty or almost empty niche, build a product, get some people using it and wait for Google or Yahoo to buy you out (at least there are two, unlike 15 years ago). Does this create the best products for users, probably not there is usually one one product in that niche, and once it is bought by a big gun, who wants to go into competition with Google, Yahoo or MSN, even if they have a better product?

Updated: 19:30 15 February 2006:

Missed one line in the offical google blog post

It has worked for me; I’m still posting about cycling. I wonder if wearing this is too much for my first day at Google?

Which I take is that Google has also acquired Jeffrey Veen.

I see that as good news for Google, because Jeff’s understanding of User Interface is outstanding, he was heavily involved in both the Blogger and Measure Map UI. I can only hope Jeff will be involved in more UI projects at Google.

Updated 11:00 16 February 2006

Jeffrey Veen joins Google is confirmed by Adaptive Path

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  1. Miles Burke Says:

    Only time will tell the impact on the Goohoo duo buying everything. What happens when their money runs out?