My CSS reboot delayed

Like at least 12001500 other souls I was planning a brand new CSS and a few tweaks under the hood for May 1. Unfortunately due to some problems and the odd bug, the revamp will not occur for at least a couple of days. I threw caution (and sleep) to the wind and made the May 1 deadline.

Influnces are very mixed, the work of artist Brent Harris in the colours and form. Dave Hyatt’s comments at Surfin’ Safari convinced me to make a truely elastic design, from 600 pixels on up. Andy Budd and friend’s CSS Mastery influenced the CSS. The work I did with flash and buttons, John Oxton&8217;s scalable logos, plus Geoff Sterans’ SWFobject did the graphics. Though one problem I am having is with a button. Still the new design will be revealed sometime this week.

At least I did not put my name on the dotted line for the reboot tomorrow.I offically signed up at CSS reboot late on May 1 once I knew the design worked in the common browsers. Opera and Mac/*nix people will have to be patient, there are a couple of bugs to work out, mainly with the Flash plugin.


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