New Toy

Beaucott Building Mt Lawley

So Simon has gone and gotten new toys to enthuse him to regularly take photos and use on his trip. That was enough encouragement for me to finally go get a new camera.

Well some time ago I said I was going to get a new camera to take everywhere with me. My Canon G2 is still a great camera and does everything I want, unfortunately weighing in at over 500g it is not a drop in the pocket and take everywhere camera. I started looking for a small digital camera that shot RAW format (very limited options) or had aperture priority (again very few options). In the end I decided size mattered more than those features and I was going to settle on a hopefully indestructible Olympus 720, until I walked into the camera store and saw the Samsung digimax i6, it was the size I wanted (tiny), has a three times optical zoom (all I need) and some cute tricks, it records video, audio, plays MP3s and even plays back movies (after converting anything Windows Media can play into Samsungs proprietary format on a Windows machine). So I have a new toy and it does do a decent job of taking photos, the Beaucott Buildings in Mt Lawley (there is something about type).

Update 7 Sept noon: I need to work on that photo, the camera might be responsible for a little oversaturation, but the sky was that blue, late in the afternoon. My main problem is the jpeg compression, I need a decent size photo and compressing it to 100k is causing the jagged edges.

Update 7 Sept 1400: Upgraded the image quaility (now 200k) to see if that fixes the problem.

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