Next presentation

I didn’t freeze or freak out when I gave my presentation to the Perth Web Standards Group, I actually enjoyed it. So I jumped at invitation to do another presentation in a few months time. The question, is what topic? The three that spring to mind are:

  1. 50 things you should know about CSS
  2. fixed, fluid or elastic layout?
  3. accessible forms

50 things you should know about CSS

Partly from wanting to be able to do a presentation that will be at least 45 minutes long, instead of 22 minutes like last time. But more from reading Andy Budd’s CSS Mastery and browsing Bite Size Standards and realising that over the past eight years of using CSS, I have picked up whole heap of tips and tricks by wandering round the web, reading books, experimenting or just by plain trial and error, that could be passed on.

It would be rapid fire presentation, one minute or so per tip. So the people who already know that tip will not get bored waiting for the next tip. It would most benefit the inexperienced designer/developer/student, however, there should be a lightbulb moment or two for the more experienced.

The advantages, is there hopefully will be something for everyone who creates CSS and probably the easiest for me to prepare for, creating a tip a day over next two months.

fixed, fluid or elastic layout?

Looking at three different methods for layouts of web pages, the advantages and disadvantages of each method. It is the least technical of the three possible presentations, concentrating on usability and accessibility, it would touch on technical issues like px, em or % for units of measurement and font sizes as well as using javascript to .

The main problem for me, will be making a 45 minute presentation from something I could talk passionately about for 15 or 20 minutes.

accessible forms

Heavily influenced by the presentations of Derek Featherstone and Roger Hudson at Web Essentials 05. This presentation would be the most technical of the three, as well as being very heavy on accessibility (why use fieldset, legend, label, … etc) it would delve deeeply in to how to code forms for maximum accessibility, usability and stunning looks.

what do you want?

I am open to suggestions, which of those three or is there another topic you like to hear me talk about? Even if you are not in Perth, you can have your say, because I will post the presentation and there will be a podcast and probably a transcript as well.

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