Perth Massive

One thing that surprised me at Massive, was the sheer number of community groups in Perth, there were twelve involved. From the old guard with the likes of Sisgraph and Port80, to the new kids on the block Photographers in Perth. All the groups have one thing in common to get people together with similar interests together, socialise and share knowledge. If you are a student, hobbyist or professional in Perth interested in computer graphics, animation, video, 3d, VJing, game creation, web design/development and/or digital photography head over to you will find at least one group of interest to you.

Kudos goes to the organisers of Massive from getting so many different groups together. Kudos also goes to the bar tab sponsors, Interzone Games for recruiting the right way. Get 300 people with impressive skills in one room, give them a couple of free drinks, spend a couple of minutes talking about the company, then say we are hiring and if you have these skills come an see me after or visit our website. If you a standards based web designer with a passion for games this could be your dream job.

As the bar tab was running low, LastPixel added $500, to announce they are hiring designers and developers for creating a social web app. The people behind Go3 an electronic entertainment expo in Perth next March also added a similar amount. It looks like it is a great time to be in the most isolated city in the world.

Massive is foremost a social event, it is the chance to catch up with people you know and met new people with similar interests, and as such it was a great success.

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  1. Ben Buchanan Says:

    You know, if you could just convince touring bands to all play in Perth you’d have a great deal running over there ;)