Suspected Ross River virus infection

Update October 14

I took over three months but I have fully recovered. I never posted the story here, because what I had was offically not Ross River Virus and I recovered relatively quickly.

I have been embarrassed by all the attention this post has been getting, so I have disabled comments. I would really like to be able to refer people to a suitable resource, so if you know of one please let me know Failing that, if you want to set one I will assit if you need help setting up a website, blog or discussion forum.

Looks like my weekend in Dwellingup was not with out a price. Either that weekend or in the following week or so I got bitten by a mosquitoe and infected with the Ross River virus.

For the past two or three weeks, every time I went for a ride, the stiffness in my knees was far worse that ever before and for the first time I was getting stiffness in my ankles and wrists. And the recovery time for what were short rides was longer than epics. So much so, that very short and slow paced 11km Saturday morning road ride, I was still suffering Tuesday morning. With the stiffness probably worse Tuesday morning than Saturday afternoon and feeling really tired. I made an appointment to see my cycling doctor, walked in, explained my symptoms and he said with out batting an eyelid, he said Ross River Virus, we will do a test to confirm, but I have seen enough people recently with it to know that you have it. The good news is you will get better, everybody does the bad news is there is no drug treatment and recovery times vary.

The treatment is rest, so no exercise (including cycling the doctor was very specific) and I am off work at least until the end of the week, if not longer. just typing this blog post I can see why, my wrists and knuckles are being to ache. So it looks like reading and research time.

Moral of the story: wear insect repellant when out and about at dusk and dawn in Australia.

Update March 7

I failed the tests for Ross River Virus & Barmah Forest viruses, so my illness is now classed as a mystery viral infection. Still after two weeks of sleeping 15 hours a day and not being able to walk 200m, I have started improving. It is a slow process, I did manage a short (15km) ride yesterday and while my knees and ankle joints ached and there was stiffness in my hamstrings, it was no where near the level of pain I suffered on my previous ride.

6 Responses to “Suspected Ross River virus infection”

  1. Kay Smoljak Says:

    Bugger! Don’t worry though, you can spend the time thinking about your WSG presentation :)

  2. melinda Says:

    One week. you’re lucky! I have been incapcitated and unnable to do anything for the last 8 months. Everyones different and I hope it is a short one for you.

  3. suzie Says:

    Just wanted to let you know a naturopath perscribed high doses of calcium and magnesium supplement {4 times rec. dose} . This was very effective against the arthritic symptoms and associated pain. Didn’t seem to assist muscle recovery time from any activity but made things far more bearable!

  4. fay Says:

    i have had ross river for 9 yrs and still suffer bad days..the arthritus is the killer but i have learned to rest when i feel the symptons of the virus.
    i take anti inflam each day or i am in real trouble.i get buzzing like pins n needles all over but painful.very fatigue..concentration is bad..hope they find cure soon. 5 in my family have it.

  5. Julie Says:

    HI All, I am 34 and have had RR now for about 14 months, the symptoms are slowly getting less server.I have most of the regular symptoms also trouble sleeping occational, stomach cramps, constapation and have found it move to different parts of the body- at the moment i am getting the soreness behind the knee’s, last month was sever headaches.Things I have found to help is yogurt, drinking lots of water, eating vegies or taking a good muli vitamin and I use a natural product by Metagenics called Myoplex (for relief of muscular aches and pains,also muscluar and regular tension or stress)It contains magnesium, calcium and passion flower. I hope you all feel beter soon and your not alone.

  6. Peter Says:

    Hello. As a new victim (4 weeks) I am interested in all experienced opinions. I can’t walk, have to crawl most of the time and don’t get relief from drugs. I will try the yoghurt & Myoplex, thanks…any other suggestions?