Samsung Digimax i6 review

Complete with gratuitous puppy video shot on the i6

I bought the i6 as a stick in my pocket take everywhere camera, I did not expect a replacement for my trusty Canon G2 for taking serious photos. I have been pleasantly surprised by i6, it does everything I wanted.

Good points

  • Tiny, it easily fits in a pocket (even if I did buy a Crumpler bag for it)
  • Decent photos from such a tiny camera, they are slightly oversaturated and you need to set sharpness to the lowest setting
  • Have not found any shutter lag
  • Insane macro features, focuses to 1cm, though the edge of the photo are not in focus
  • Shoots video, the above was shot as the second lowest settings 320 by 240 at 15 frames per second
  • Plays MP3s
  • Plays movies
  • Records audio, but in .wav format not MP3
  • Big screen, so you can store photos and movies to show people

Bad points

  • Tiny camera and big hands, makes it difficult to hold and press the shutter without moving the camera.
  • Video does not have sound, if you zoom. (ie sound at wide angle only)
  • Battery life is not conducive to making use of the MP3 player and camera all day. Four hours of music and a dozen photos is the limit I found
  • MP3 interface is counter intuitive
  • You have to convert external video files to play on thei6
  • Conversion software is Windows only


When I fly out to Sydney for WD06, the i6 will be in my pocket, the G2 will stay at home. Not because the i6 is a better camera, the five year old G2 captures better images and has more control. But the i6 is far more practical in size, does a comparable job of taking photos in the point and shoot situation and provides a few other fun features: captures video, records audio, is a portable photo album, plays MP3s and videos.

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