Semi-Permanent Perth

I was happy to find Semi-Permanent was happening in Perth and even happier to find Joshua Davis was one of the speakers. So I rushed out and got a ticket, I am going.

I don’t really consider myself a designer, yet I am going to a design conference. Why to get inspired, I don’t expect to learn anything about design, it is more to learn about how other people think, how other people solve problems, how other people work and get inspired by this. When I went to the IdN Fresh confrence in Singapore in 2002, that is what happened, and the person who inspired me the most was not Neville Brody, whose work I admire or Stefan Sagmeister, a great designer and speaker, it was the master of flash Joshua Davis. He talked about how he worked, why he worked in certain ways, how he solved problems and showed off some amazing mathmatical equations that did even more amazing things in flash. I am glad I am getting a second chance to see him speak.

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