The beer economy

aka I link for beer

Highly observant regular readers might of notice a new category of links in the homepage sidebar entitled for I link for beer. The new category is the results of fellow port80 member Myles Eftos aka Madpilot Productions bold statement that if enough people linked to his time tracking web application 88 Miles with the term Simple Time Tracking he would buy beers at the next port80 meeting.

A few years ago, I use to answer Consumer Protection’s general advice line. I received a call from a gent who was having problems with the restoration of his classic car, the work was going slowly and he had problems communicating with the workshop owner and mechanics. I suggested that from my experience in getting a classic motorcycle restored, you found a lot more about what was happening and would get far better treatment if you turned up on a Firday afternoon with a carton of cold beer and had a couple of beers with the people doing the work on his car. He replied “Why didn’t I think of that, I am the manager of a liquor store” He then thanked me and hung up. A couple of weeks later, I got message from him, thanking me for the advice and telling me that the restoration was proceeding well. In other words, a little amber liquid smooths the path.

What is this about port80 members and beer? All three Australian beer review sites,, and are run by port80 members.


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