The Hoovers 14 February 1997

More photos of the Hoovers from a gig with the Dumb Angels and Franga, 14 February 1997 at the Shenton Park Hotel.

the Hoovers
the Hoovers
Micheal of the Hoovers

2 Responses to “The Hoovers 14 February 1997”

  1. Michael Says:

    hey Nick

    thanks very much for posting these pictures

    if my memory serves me right, James Baker even got up on drums with some of the Dumb Angels girls at this gig (i think they played as Test Tube Boob Tube)



  2. nick Says:

    Thanks Michael, I could not work out what TT & BT stood for on the negative holder. There was lots of shots of the Dumb Angels, some with Jamie Parry on vocals, but I did not look closely at the drummer.