Wanted: suggestions for a puppy name

our little darling with her 6 black and white litter mates
That active two week old blue merle border collie puppy (top right) clambering over her sleeping black and white brothers and sisters will be ours in four or so weeks time. At the moment we are stumped for a name and are hoping for suggestions.

If you want to know what she will look like when she grows up here is a picture of mum.
our little darlings mother

Expect more pictures over the coming weeks/months/years though she might even have her own blog.

10 Responses to “Wanted: suggestions for a puppy name”

  1. Ben Buchanan Says:

    I’ll try not to melt completely here. I have a huge weakness for border collies :) We had two purebred border collies (sadly no longer with us, after long and very happy lives) and they were just the most wonderful dogs.

    You could call her The Grey Ghost ;) Homage to The Dog’s alter ego in footrot flats. Actually it’s hard to suggest anything without meeting the pup, if you know what I mean.

  2. Dan Says:

    Border collies should have short, distinct names. The Border Collie Museum site lists some of the earliest recorded BC names, you’ll get plenty of ideas there.

    Ours are called Meg and Tess. :O)

  3. Sarven Capadisli Says:

    OH.. I wish I was able to take care of a Border Collie. I raised mine (half collie, half retriever – body of a retriever, mind of a collie) for about a year, and I must say the attachment is unspeakable. At the time, I was living with my family – now living in a new city and swamped with work hardly makes it possible for me to take care of him.

    How about some picture eh? http://www.csarven.ca/gallery/bender


    I named him ‘Bender’ (from Futurama) because of his quirkiness.

    I personally like fictitous names. How about Zapp http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zapp_Brannigan?

  4. Jaz Says:

    I really like the name shadow, we’ve just bought a border collie puppy im hoping we can name her that!

  5. claire Says:

    i called mine taleigh and he was the best thing that i ever got my family hes so wonderful and plays hiding seek with the children and i hasten to add he always wins.

  6. houston Says:

    oh how cute i had a border collie female and i just luved her but unfortunatly she passed away well if you are considering on training her the best name would only have one sylable like jake or peach or blue just so it will be easyer for her to know her name well since its a girl i would name her sassy or something cute but its your dog and by the time it becomes to the piont wear it could walk you would have the exspeiriance of its personality

  7. sharon Says:

    I think you should name one by their mom & dad

  8. Catherine Says:

    Border collies are the best. To me your future dog is gorgous here is a list of names for her.

  9. Hannah Says:

    I think you should name the border collie one of these….


  10. caroline Says:

    I think the name blue-bell might be nice for her, or sasha, daisy those names i like but i can’t call my collie as he’s a boy