WD06 so far

I made it to Web Directions 06 and have survived two workshops and three nights of networking. The conference proper starts today.

Jeremy Keith workshop on DOM Scripting was good. He have a fairly broad audience so some of what he said was even a little basic for me and a little went over my head. The workshop also followed his book, which was great for me because there was a couple of things in the book I did not get. With Jeremy there to explain them I got them straight away. This workshop took me from somebody who understood the concepts of DOM scripting and unobtrusive javascript to someone who is confident in praticising DOM scripting and unobtrusive javascript.

Last year Derek Featherstone presentation on accessible forms, came at exactly the right time for me and changed how I worked with forms. This year, the presentation expanded to cover AJAX provide more details and convince me of the need to consider speech recognition users. While it will not have the same dramatic effect on my work, I wish I knew some of things I learnt yesterday, last year, I now have confidence to make my forms and other AJAX content accessible.

And the the networking well …


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  1. Tuna Says:

    need pictures of the networking….