Web Connections 06

I am surprised by the number of people I know or read their blogs of who will be attending Web Directions. Cameron Adams and Tim Lucas created Web Connections 06 to connect the people attending WD06. Of the forty odd people who have connected so far, I have met half of them, from sitting next to them at WE05 and exchanging business cards (Kevin Yank), to going to school with a couple of decades back (Gary Barber). If you are going to WD06, go and connect it is an good little app, even if my profile has ceased to function

1600 21 September, the ruby monkeys put my profile back ;-) it was only for 10 minutes or so and only my profile, everybody else’s I checked worked fine.

4 Responses to “Web Connections 06”

  1. Tuna Says:

    I think there was a bit of a load issue or some such, but the monkeys appear to have fixed the profiles on Web Connections 06

  2. Tim Lucas Says:

    awesome story! Exactly as I hoped someone might use it.

    Yeah the server went through a bit of a “moment” there… I was deploying updates a little too quickly. The monkeys have indeed fixed it.

  3. Miles Burke Says:

    You just want to be one of the cool gang, who are the top 10 of incoming ‘people I know’ tags.

    Let me change that, we all want to be in the cool gang, heh.

  4. Ben Buchanan Says:

    I think it’s fantastic! As Molly put it, we have a wonderful tribe and it feels good to gather them together.