Web Directions 06

The offical announcement has not been made, but WD06 site is now operating (see the menu of the right hand side). I have just gone and booked and paid for my ticket. The whole kit and kaboodle, two workshops, breakfast will Molly and the conference.

The workshops will be day one:

and day two

As much as I would like to see Molly and Malarkey tag team of HTML and CSS. I am enjoying and learning a lot from Jeremy’s DOM scripting book to miss his workshop. And Derek’s workshop is a no brainer for me. I applied more from what I learnt from his session at WE05 than any body else’s, including Tantek’s.


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    […] Hat tip to Nick, who claims to have snagged the first ticket… I have a stressed credit card so it will be a couple of weeks before I can follow suit. But I will definitely be there. […]