I throughly enjoyed WebEssentials lat year, so I was a little disappointed when I heard that WE06 would not take place. I was relieved to find out the John Allsopp and Maxine Sherrin, half of the Web Essentials team would be holding some type of web conference in Sydney later this year.

When John was in Perth last week for Ideas3, webdirections was announced and some details provided, two days of conference preceeded by two days of workshops and two streams (ie two different workshops per day) of workshops. Some of the old presenters from WE04 and WE05 would be back and there would be some new presenters. The conference would expand from it’s web standards roots, to include information architecture, (something I need to learn more about).

The only thing John let slip was saying he would like to work with a cowboy hat wearing presenter (though that may of been influenced by that shirt), the information on the webdirections site was all John was willing to give away.

So I have booked my flight, booked my accomodation at the Vulcan, highly recommended inexpensive, clean, close to the venue, great breakfasts and full of fun people (or should be again this year).


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