Weekend away

Munda Biddi trail crosses Icy Creek

One of the picturesque scenes from Sunday morning, where the Munda Biddi trail crosses Icy Creek

Well I survived the weekend in, with barely a scratch, other than a couple of close encounters with the thorns on blackberry bushes that were overhanging the trail in a couple of places and a grazed knee with the silliest of get offs. Approaching a fire road there was a shallow ditch to take the rain run off, I assumed I have enough momentum to roll through the ditch without a problem, wrong. If had less momentum the bike would of stopped dead. Instead I had the right amount of momentum, for the front wheel to stop in the ditch and the rest of the bike with me attached to keep moving forward. I don’t know what exactly happened but instead of going over the bars and landing on my face or worse on one of my bad shoulders, I landed on my knees with the bike hitting me in the back. No injuries except a grazed knee and bruised ego, not that most of the people I was riding with haven’t seen me do stupid things before, but there was a bunch of young downhillers about to push their bikes up the trail I had just come down.

Overall it was an interesting weekend, early Saturday afternoon was spent exploring trails in the Lane Poole Reserve, unfortunately most of the trails we found were built by downhillers, requiring you to carry your bike uphill and requiring a certain lack of sanity to ride down at speed. After a quick swim and a snack it was time for an 18km twilight ride. Everyone expected the ride to last a couple of hours and the last hour would be using lights. After it took more that two hours to cover the first 6 kms of steep ascents and steep descents that was often beyond my riding ability. Luckily we then reached the alternative route back to camp, 10 kms along the Munda Biddi trail (A cycling trail that runs 332 kms from Mundaring to Collie and will be extended to reach Albany, the quality of the trail varies a little, but it is equivalent to firetrail). It was an interesting ride back to camp on the Munda Biddi as the batteries on most peoples lights ran out of power, picking your line using somebody else’s light and hoping you spot the potholes and rocky outcrops. The advantage of riding a full suspension bike was how well it soaked up the hits from the potholes and rocky outcrops you did not see or could not to avoid.

Sunday morning, and nobody got out of bed for an early morning ride, so I did a little exploring, the Munda Biddi trail on the other side of our camp and a trail along the Murray river, neither were challenging rides, but it was the scenery that mattered. After breakfast, we broke camp and most of headed to Turner Hill XC track. Other than one long hill climb which was beyond me after a weekend of cycling, it was the type of circuit I like riding, lots of sweeping singletrack, a couple of descents to scare me and couple of climbs to make me work.

Got back home and found out somebody deliberately lit a couple of fires in Dwellinup, which caused major damage. I can not understand why somebody would deliberately start a fire that damages such natural beauty and put at risk the lives of the volunteer firefighters who give up their time to fight such fires

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