Why am I not naked today

Yes I know it is Annual CSS Naked Day and this site is still clothed. Even though there has been heaps of hype inform­a­tion about it, I foget all about it till I opened bloglines this morn­ing. And even if I wanted to remove the stylesheet now, I can not access that part of my site.

Hell if you want to see this site naked, you just need to dis­able the CSS in your Web Developer Tool­bar in Fire­fox or Moz­il­lia or in your Developer Tool­bar in Inter­net Explorer. And while you are at it you bet­ter dis­able Javas­cript, oth­er­wise you get both the styl­ised head­ing and the plain text head­ing because SIFR still func­tions without CSS. Though you could do it in one fell swoop with theRightLynx tool which shows a page as it would be seen in Lynx browser, did not know I had 88 links on the home page.

What you mean you have not got Web Developer Tool­bar or Inter­net Explorer Developer Tool­bar if you build web­sites on a PC, you need both those exten­sions. Safari and Cam­ino users are excused, my power­book is out of the office right now so I can’t test the nake­ness on a Mac. Still other than my unse­mantic use of a couple of lists, which will go in my new redesign, this site is pretty logical when it is stripped bare, thanks in part to WordPress.

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