Why am I not naked today

Yes I know it is Annual CSS Naked Day and this site is still clothed. Even though there has been heaps of hype information about it, I foget all about it till I opened bloglines this morning. And even if I wanted to remove the stylesheet now, I can not access that part of my site.

Hell if you want to see this site naked, you just need to disable the CSS in your Web Developer Toolbar in Firefox or Mozillia or in your Developer Toolbar in Internet Explorer. And while you are at it you better disable Javascript, otherwise you get both the stylised heading and the plain text heading because SIFR still functions without CSS. Though you could do it in one fell swoop with theRightLynx tool which shows a page as it would be seen in Lynx browser, did not know I had 88 links on the home page.

What you mean you have not got Web Developer Toolbar or Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar if you build websites on a PC, you need both those extensions. Safari and Camino users are excused, my powerbook is out of the office right now so I can’t test the nakeness on a Mac. Still other than my unsemantic use of a couple of lists, which will go in my new redesign, this site is pretty logical when it is stripped bare, thanks in part to WordPress.

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