Yeah but um basically

Are four words I need to remove from my vocabulary when I give a talk.

I have just heard the podcast of my talk I gave to the Perth WSG. Other than using those four words appearing far to frequently, I am fairly happy with the results. Even if I do not say enough, I tended to gloss over things, often skipping words that I included in my notes to add detail. I also spoke too slowly, dropping down to a slow drawl on occassions, because I did not use enough words to explain the what I wanted in detail.

So if I ever get invited to another speaking event, I will need to write better notes, adding more detail, remember to included all the details in my talk and talk at good pace.

Seriously, if you ever give a presentation, record it, even if there is no intention of doing anything with it, because listening to it, you will know what to do better next time, and listening to it is not that painful

The podcast and transcript of the talk will be available from the WSG shortly.


2 Responses to “Yeah but um basically”

  1. Kay Smoljak Says:

    I didn’t think you spoke too slowly, I thought the speed was just about right. Next time though you can take about 10 – 15 mins longer. There will be a next time, right? :D

  2. Miles Burke Says:

    Listening to a podcast without having any other form of sensory input would make you seem to sound like you were talking slow. You weren’t, and the fact that there were slides, you moving around, interruptions out of earshot of the mic, body language cues, etc all mean that it sounded perfectly paced to me.

    You’d rather too slow than to fast – I tend to get nervous and speak a million miles an hour, hoping that it’ll all be over soon. I’m looking forward to hearing your podcast soon…