You were once a Web Standards novice

One question that did not get properly answered last night at the Perth Web Standards Group meeting was “Where do you send a friend who wants to know more about web standards?” The person who asked the question got a little ribbing about the friend and other than the WSG mailing list and Port80 forum, no other resources got mentioned by name.

The WSG mailing list as is CSS-discuss are pretty heavy going for begineers. And while Port80 has a few people who know their web standards, the friend may feel more comfortable in a bigger group with a wide range of people from begineers to experts. I would recommend the Sitepoint forums. Where you can ask a silly question and get pointed in the right direction, without be flamed.

If you are not a novice and got a few minutes to spare, head on over to the forums and answer some questions. I try to do that in the CSS forums a couple times a week, the questions are very much the same questions I was asking a few years ago.
It is good karma and there are a couple of people there, who know there CSS, so if I every get stuck.

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