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West Coast Bloggers web 2.0 logo

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

West Coast Bloggers web 2.0 logo

Over a year ago Miles, Kay, myself and others where talking about about a collective noun for Perth bloggers both on the web and at the pub. At some stage the name West Coast Bloggers, a play on the West Coast Choppers brand was suggested and before long the domain name was registered, a logo appropriated, a feed aggregator set up and West Coast Bloggers was born. Somebody even turned up a Web Directions with a West Coast Bloggers t-shirt.

Another conference, another t-shirt required, so I created the West Coast Bloggers web 2.0 logo. The version that will be on my t-shirt will not have rounded corners (lack of illustrator skills), then I worked out the easy way of doing it in photoshop. So if you see somebody wearing a t-shirt with a design like this wandering Austin, Vegas, Moab or even Perth come over and say hello, I don’t bite.

truely mobile

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

I have just signed up with 3 for 24 months (yes it is a long time) for mobile broadband. I can not complain about the price $0 upfront, $50 a month for 1Gb of traffic and while I had to give 3 customer care a couple of phones calls. The installation instructions were a little vague and because I was trying to connect within a hour of signing up somebody had to manually flip a switch, it was not a difficult task.

The good news …