BarCamp Perth

It was good, it just had a buzz, I just can’t explain why (and no it was not the overdose of caffeine). It is what happens when you get over 60 geeks together learning from each other.

Sponsor of the day Five Senses Coffee, and the hard work of Jordan Brock was very much appreciated, every BarCamp and (un)conference should have it’s own barista and top flight coffee. Kudos to Microsoft for after deciding that community matters, not going over the top, the beer from Bill was also appreciated Scott.

Should of been sponsors Twitter, for the number of mentions they got during presentations, the amount of barcamp twittering and that BarCamp Perth was so successful because of twitter. Three, I tend to evangelise Three’s X-series and being the Australian telecommunications company that at the moment best gets the mobile web. I was not the only one at this BarCamp, during my presentation I was talking about the falling cost of mobile data and I was reminded by another participant of the X-series and their data rates.

Any future sponsor of BarCamps in Perth, the audience is very tech savy, over half my audience had browsed the web on their mobiles and it was the highest ratio of apple laptops I have ever seen.


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