Dopod 838pro camera review

After a couple of months and a few hundred photos it is time to review the performance of the camera in my Dopod 838pro phone. As a camera/phone/pda the Dopod 838pro makes a good phone/pda.

The camera has severe limitations. There are only limited controls: exposure, colour temperature and two types of metering. There is no shutter speed warning under low light, photos taken in low light conditions are very grainy if not blurred, the flash is grossly underpowered. The ergonomics for a lefty with large hands are terrible. The shutter lag is annoyingly slow and the shutter click sound occurs after the photo is taken and processed by the camera, which is often 0.5 second or more after you take the photo. Which means trying to take action shots is a hit and miss affair.

The 838pro does take decent photos in good light of stationary objects. it is handy when no other camera is available, however, it is no replacement for even a basic point and shoot camera.


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