Eight Random Things

AKA eight semi-random feeds

After being tagged by Gary for the Eight Pieces of Random meme and putting it off, Kay pushed me into action by her response Eight random things? You’ll be sorry…. So here are eight feeds from my feed reader, not exactly random as I picked the less obvious feeds to highlight.

1 Rasa Malaysia

I absolutely adore Malaysian cuisine and at least twice a week you will find me in Singapore Indian Malay Cuisine or Penang Food Restaurant. Rasa Malaysia is full of recipes and glorious photos of food. And one of the reasons I cooked Mee Goreng for dinner tonight.

2 Andy Moore

I am developing an increasing interest in developing for the mobile web. Andy has been developing mobile sites in the UK for a few years, his site has ideas, tips and the odd interesting stat.

3 Presentation Zen

My presentations did not improve that quickly without help. This blog really helped, plenty of advice and great examples.

4 Site Vista

The people behind SiteVista a BrowserCam competitor, who also does email testing and CSSVista a free tool which allows live editting of CSS in IE. Their blog is an interest read, though not updated all that often.

5 Weblog Tools Collection

Daily updates on plugins and themes for wordpress. If you use WordPress a definite addition to you feeds along with Alex King so you keep up to date with all you need for a WordPress blog.

6 The Triffids

Though the feed is a little difficult to find http://thetriffids.com/news/public/rss.xml. I have been a fan of the Triffids since 1983. Even though David McComb passed away in 1999, Evil Graham Lee still manages to find old tracks to interest me.

7 Notes From Coode Street

I worked with Jonathan at DOCEP. Who in his spare time is review editor with Locus and editor of number of sciene fiction anthologies.

8 Better Writing Skills

Not a feed, but an old fashioned email newsletter. Tim recently did some training at SLWA in Writing for the Web. Seeing I finished high school in the top 93% (ie bottom 8%) of English students and this haunted me through uni. I have improved over time but I still need all the help I can get and Tim’s newsletter does have plenty helpful hints for correct English usage.


One Response to “Eight Random Things”

  1. Paul Farnell Says:

    Thanks for the mention, Nick, I’m glad you’ve found our blog interesting. We’re doing our best to update it more frequently now, you’ll be pleased to hear!